Sleuth 2008 UK Tour


In 2008 Bill Kenwright Ltd put on a touring production of Sleuth staring Simon MacCorkindale and Michael Praed


The tour began at Theatre Royal in Windsor on 22nd January 2008 for two weeks and changed locations each week after that. There were 22 stops on the tour with the last in Newcastle on the 5th July.

Michael and Simon were closer in age than most who play the two roles. There was only 8 years between them.

There were a few changes from the early productions to later ones, namely Simon stopped throwing the sofa over with Michael on it, as he was slightly in injured in one production.


This play has to be the most fun I've had in a theatre for a play. Simon and Michael had a great relationship on stage and bounced off each other perfectly.

For two people I consider to be serious actors, it was fun to watch them throwing each other and objects around the stage, and dealing with issues as things went wrong. A few things that got laughs on and off the stage was guns not going off on cue, clothing getting caught on high scenery and remaining throughout the rest of play and playing pieces bouncing into the audience.

The Simon and Michael fans came together during the run, helped gather dates as they we're released and went to showings together. On the last night both sets of fans got together and arranged a basket of fruit each to be deliverer to the theatre for Simon and Michael from both sets of fans thanking them for the fun they (we) had watching them.

If this play comes around again, which it will, I'm going no matter who is in and taking a few friends with me.